Merry Christmas wishes your SAFETEE Team


Dear employees, customers, partners, suppliers and visitors,

ein besonderes Jahr geht zu Ende!

Time to say thank you - in times when we realize that nothing can be taken for granted!

As management, we would like to thank our great employees who have shown phenomenal dedication this year. With common sense, mutual support and an unwavering commitment, we were able to accomplish this year together. Thank you!

Another thank you from the entire SAFETEE team goes to all our customers! Thank you for the excellent cooperation in a year full of new challenges that no one expected at the beginning of the year.

We would also like to express our appreciation to our partners, some of whom we have been working with for years. You are part of the SAFETEE team and we are glad that you are a valuable support in your tireless efforts.

What we could not foresee in March/April of this year was that we could not only keep our growth this year, but expand it further. We now have a total of 35 employees working for occupational safety on construction sites, in our customers' companies and as consultants and experts in the field of safety consulting.

One of the largest new orders is certainly the takeover of the HSE management including safety consulting for the new construction of a biorefinery. A great project lasting several years, in which we are able to provide 4 HSE managers and SiGeKos from our team in Magdeburg.

But also in our traditional field - the supervision of the construction of wind turbines - we were able to expand this year and were able to supervise projects in Norway, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Poland in addition to our core market in Germany. As it seems, the political situation for wind power is improving - we are available to our customers as one of the leading safety consulting offices for renewable energies with our entire know-how and motivation.

We have opened a new location in Mainz and can now handle projects in the more southern part of Germany better and more efficiently.

But the most important thing - as we had to learn (partly) painfully this year - is health!
In the end, we wish you all a merry and healthy Christmas and a happy new, hopefully good year 2021!


Here our Christmas card for download: