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The story of SAFETEE

SAFETEE GmbH looks back on a long and successful company history. Come with us on a journey through time to the milestones that have shaped us.

Einstellung neuer Mitarbeiter und Übernahme der Unternehmensanteile

In diesem Jahr erfolgte die Einstellung zehn neuer Mitarbeiter und die Übernahme der Unternehmensanteile von Herr Kowalewski durch Herrn Riegel.

New location in Berlin

SAFETEE GmbH opens the fifth office in the capital Berlin. This means that the company is now also represented with its own location in the northeast of the Federal Republic.

New location in Mainz

SAFETEE GmbH opens its fourth office in the state capital Mainz. This means that the company is now also represented with its own location in the southwest of the Federal Republic.

More involvement of the team in the corporate strategy

Involving employees in the strategic development of SAFETEE GmbH is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, "Strategic Speeches" are held for the first time. Here, each employee is given the opportunity to present his or her own ideas for the further development of the company to the management.

Expansion to Norway and the Netherlands

Further projects in Norway and the Netherlands increase European project diversity

Renewal of the familiarization process at SAFETEE

To improve the onboarding of new employees, SAFETEE GmbH is renewing its entire induction process. For this purpose, the "SAFETEE Experts Training" is created. Parts of the ten-stage training concept are also repeated for existing staff to deepen their knowledge.

Relocation of the head office to Bochum

In January, SAFETEE GmbH relocates its headquarters from Oer-Erkenschwick to Bochum and thus expands in terms of space and personnel. For the first time, the company has over 35 employees, and Jan Peukmann takes over the function of authorized signatory.

Strengthening team communication

In order to improve communication within the team, so-called "standing table discussions" are introduced. These serve to exchange experiences and solve problems in short ways, to involve all employees in current developments in the company and to communicate more strongly and more frequently with each other.

Development of the "Behaviour Based Saftey" programs

The conception of "Behaviour Based Safety" programs complements the range of services in Safety Consulting. SAFETEE GmbH is in charge of the first projects in Finland and Sweden and can count globally operating special transport companies among its customers.

Expansion to UK, Ireland and Czech Republic

SAFETEE GmbH also distinguishes itself with various services for operators and energy companies. In addition, it is internationally responsible for occupational safety on construction sites in the UK, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Expansion into the quarrying and mining sector

SAFETEE acquires customers in the quarry/mining sector and now also increasingly offers its efficient safety consulting services in this industry. In addition, psychological evaluations are added to the service portfolio of SAFETEE GmbH.

Site opening in Magdeburg

In Magdeburg wird das nächste Büro der SAFETEE GmbH eröffnet. Nach Hamburg ist die Filiale der zweite Standort außerhalb von Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Takeover of safety engineering support at global energy company

SAFETEE provides safety engineering support for "Merger & Acquisitions" acquisitions for a global leader in the energy industry. In addition, it is increasingly supporting construction sites in Austria and Serbia. Finally, SAFETEE opens another location in Magdeburg and a project office in Bochum.

Taking over the site supervision of energy companies

Building owners become customers: SAFETEE takes over construction site management for large energy groups in Germany. The company also manages the security concept for a globally active retail group in Germany and manages other projects in Switzerland, Croatia and Romania.

First expansion abroad and diversification

SAFETEE GmbH manages first projects in Belgium and Austria. Diversification in the wind energy sector follows - SAFETEE positions itself more broadly.

Site opening in Hamburg

In 2014, SAFETEE GmbH opened its first additional location in Germany in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. From now on, Safety Consulting in the north can be managed directly from the new branch.

Growth with new colleagues

SAFETEE GmbH is growing. When hiring employees, the greatest attention is paid to training, further education, competence and motivation.

Foundation of SAFETEE GmbH

On February 28, 2013, Boris Kowalewski and Marc Riegel founded SAFETEE GmbH with headquarters in Oer-Erkenschwick. They quickly acquire the first orders in the wind industry through existing contacts. SAFETEE's first customers immediately show excellent results. The step to found a specialist company is thus symbolically confirmed! Their services are appreciated and show how occupational safety can be improved and lived.

Steps towards the creation of a new company

By 2013, they are working on major projects and turnarounds in the petroleum industry together with a strong and competent team. Marc Riegel and Boris Kowalewski now also work together in the strategic area of the company. At this time they make the decision to offer high quality safety consulting and safety engineering. Thus, the idea of founding a new company based on their many years of experience in the field of occupational safety matures. This company is to be 100 percent focused on safety consulting. The goal is to offer professional competence in the areas of occupational safety, fire protection and health protection with motivated and excellently trained employees.

Arrival of Marc Riegel

In 2001, Marc Riegel joined viasecure and successively takes over the area of HSE management.

Increased focus on refinery safety

In 1998, supported by the adoption of the Construction Site Ordinance, Boris Kowalewski devotes more time to refinery safety.



Boris Kowalewski founded viasecure Deutschland GmbH in 1990 (at that time still under the name CT Construktionstechnik GmbH) as an engineering office in the construction industry.