SAFETEE for HSE Management in Solar Plants

Labor and safety management in European solar power projects

SAFETEE for HSE Management in Solar Plants


  • Branch: Solar power
  • Customers: Investors from the renewable energy
  • Service SAFETEE GmbH: Complete and individual occupational safety concept incl. on-site supervision
  • Europe-wide support by our HSE managers
  • High safety awareness on construction sites


Long-term safety concept
Through our constant communication with stakeholders at all levels, we manage to develop an effective security concept that can be deployed individually and across Europe. This also applies in particular to contractor management. As a result, accident figures can be dramatically reduced.

Service contents

The scope of services of our security concept includes:

  • Vorplanung und Gefährdungsbeurteilungen
  • HSE management
  • Conducting of safety training
  • Europaweite Baustellenbetreuung

SAFETEE - Before it happens.

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