Safetee Index

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This is used to form the SAFETEE Index, which is a direct measure of a company's understanding of safety. This is done in close communication with the site manager and the responsible team leader.

In addition to various influencing factors, the core evaluation metric is calculated as the ratio of findings (deficiencies and accidents) to the project scope. The SAFETEE Index therefore indicates the average safety performance of any subcontractor on any construction site.

Better controlling and synergies with the SAFETEE Index

As the index reflects actual events, it enables the immediate assessment of occupational safety on site – based on first-hand information. In this way, prospective focal points for action can be identified. Moreover, synergies are created for purchasing. In the preparation of new projects, the procurement department can select top performers based on the SAFETEE Index. In addition, an objective comparison of the individual companies within the report is also possible.