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Our success factors 

Occupational safety right from the start

We actively communicate the importance of occupational safety instead of just implementing measures.

Presence and cooperation

Our employees on site communicate directly and productively with all parties involved – from site management to upper management.

Demonstrable success

With our tools, our successes will be plainly visible. We demonstrate that occupational safety pays off from the very beginning.

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Occupational safety
for the success of your company

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Marc Riegel (Managing Director)
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Our strengths - Your benefits

Smooth communication

Multi-level support

Legal certainty



Whether on construction sites, during preparations for them, or in internal processes: with us, you have a reliable partner at your side - before it happens!
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“New challenges and tasks arise again and again from a wide variety of customers, which allows me to develop in many different ways.”

Svenja Peukmann
Senior Safety Consultant


"Ich werde von meiner Tätigkeit gefordert um mich weiter zu entwickeln, gleichzeitig wird mir genügend Zeit freigeräumt um mein Studium zu absolvieren."

Daphne- Eileen Koczwara

Working student


“Not only do I contribute to the safety of local workers, I also play my part in the energy turnaround.”

Linda Lehmeyer
Safety Consultant


"The cooperation with SAFETEE is fair and trusting. Here the handshake still counts."

Tobias Lux
HSE Manager


“Great communication and cooperation in the team, there is a lot of mutual help, support and complement for each other.”

Lisa-Marie Beckner
HSE Manager

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