Support for students - through No Isolation Avatar


In some times, and especially in these times, it is not possible for all children to regularly attend face-to-face classes at school. For this reason, the company No Isolation has developed a very special avatar. We as SAFETEE want to make a small contribution to give sick and seriously ill children at least a little - in this case - everyday school life back.

The idea to support this project matured after our CEO Marc Riegel heard in his private environment that a child at his daughter's school was using the AV1 avatar to participate digitally in lessons. Mr. Riegel was so enthusiastic about this possibility and the implementation that he started to look into the financing of the avatar.

The No Isolation AV1 was unfortunately not financed by health insurance or similar. In this case the Kinderschutzbund in Hattingen became active. They did everything in their power to get the donations together and to finance the avatar. Therefore Mr. Riegel decided to help with similar fates. So we at SAFETEE got in touch with the company No Isolation and made an agreement to donate 2 avatars per year. Ideally to organizations such as the Kinderschutzbund, so that the avatar can also help several children.

With No Isolation, a company distributes the Avatar, which stands 100% behind its product. In conversation and from previous experiences, there are people at work here who, out of passion and vocation, pursue their job in the best possible way for the benefit of the affected children. We are looking forward to working with No Isolation and hope to be able to give at least a little support to the children and families.

We were especially thrilled by the immediate willingness of some SAFETEE employees to donate their vacation time to further this cause. Thank you very much for your social commitment!

Info about the AV1:

The AV1 has a built-in camera and microphone to live stream classroom instruction.

Via an app, the student can control the AV1 or even turn the head. Likewise, it is possible to watch the stream and listen to what is happening around the avatar. A smartphone or tablet is required to use the app.

Photo: AV1-class_Estera-K.-Johnsrud_Fa. No Isolation