Superhero Masterclass 2.0


In spring 2020, a health day for all SAFETEE employees was to take place in close cooperation with Pausenraum - Melanie Kaczerowski. The planning was so far ready and the day could begin.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, we unfortunately had to cancel the Health Day.

Pausenraum has taken advantage of the home office phase and developed a digital course, the "Superhero Masterclass".

This year, we want to make up for the Health Day at our company. We hope that the kick-off of the second season of the Superhero Masterclass can take place at our Head Office in Bochum.

For this we have Friday, 24.06.2022 in mind.

The second part of the Superhero Masterclass is intended to pick up all employees who are new to the SAFETEE team, but also to sensitize and further train the participants of Season 1 on the topic of stress management.

More information about the Masterclass on the pages of Pausenraum: https://www.pausenraum-training.de/firmen-inhouse/superhero-masterclass-onlinekurs/