SAFETEE Come Together- Sommerfest


"Sweating it out at SAFETEE- a close race between the Strawberries and the Timber Boys."

Our summer party this year was themed, sweat in the morning and relax in the evening.

For this we reserved a very nice beach court at blue:beach in Witten. In the morning, we were able to prove our team strength in the Highland Game competition. Creativity, commitment, strength and fun were in the foreground here.

While it was much quieter in the evening. If not even with a touch of vacation feeling...


Vacation feeling at SAFETEE - feet in the sand and let the evening end between palm trees".

As a reward in the evening, there was a culinary journey at the buffet, as well as delicious cocktails and an exuberant and good mood. The perfect vacation feeling in the heart of the Ruhr area.

The really nice thing about this day was that our colleagues from all locations finally got together again, so that we could end the eventful day perfectly.