Change in the Management Board


A 20-year cooperation comes to an end!

Boris Kowalewski and Marc Riegel have been working together since 2001. First in the refinery sector with the companies CT Construktionstechnik GmbH, later in the resulting viasecure GmbH and finally since 2013 in SAFETEE GmbH as equal managing directors. The cooperation lasted 20 years and was always characterised by the greatest fairness, honesty and the unconditional will to create a successful company in the field of occupational safety and in particular here in safety consulting and safety engineering.

Together, the two managing directors of SAFETEE have set up a company which today not only operates in Germany with its 4 locations in Bochum, Hamburg, Mainz and Magdeburg, but also throughout Europe! With strong employees and partners, around 35 employees work on the construction sites and in the companies of our customers throughout Europe!

After such a long time, the time has come to say goodbye (professionally)! Retirement is on the horizon!

As of today, Marc Riegel will be the sole managing director of SAFETEE GmbH, headquartered in Bochum.

The cooperation ends, but the friendship remains!

Many thanks at this point for the great cooperation!